Pecans could have saved Britney Murphy

December 22, 2009

If we only knew that pills weren’t as good as preventing death as pecans.. we would all be more appreciative of our gifts.



December 2, 2009

I guess Kanye is up to his old shanigans again.. This time he is interrupting Tiger Woods in his apology for his transgressions — and of all cheating scandals… John & Kate plus 8?  Really Kanye, where do you get this judgement from?

Kanye Interrupts Tiger Woods

Kanye Interrupts Tiger Woods


Working two jobs

December 2, 2009

I’ve started to make a little extra cheese by picking up a second job in a chain restaurant.  I’m just in training right now, but I believe I can be making some money this weekend.  I will keep you updated when I have some funny stories I would like to share!  Until then, keep it easy!


Free Games & Apps on your iPhone 3.0 3.1

September 16, 2009

This is not legal.  If you like an app you should show your support to the developer.  That being said, I will show you how it is done!

Is you iPhone Jailbroke?  Jailbreaked Jailbreak Jailnotworking etc…  I hope so, otherwise got back a few blog posts of mine and find it!

I am going to make this painless and easy, this way is by far the easiest for novices and experts alike..  And it’s easy.. did I mention that?

  1. Put a pink sundress on.  If you don’t have a pink sundress, you can just pretend.  This is a MUST!
  2. Open Up the Cydia app, click MANAGE (at the bottom for the far sighted)
  3. Click SOURCES (below packages [thats what the nice girls do] and above storage)
  4. Click EDIT (top right), then ADD will appear at the top left, click ADD
  5. A new window will pop up…. type in http://cydia.hackulo.us/
  6. Click ADD SOURCE
  7. let it do it’s thing.. change into your yellow sundress(or pretend.. but u should have a yellow one..jeez) and then click RETURN TO CYDIA when it pops up
  8. go back through MANAGE, SOURCES, then click on your new Source (under Entered by User) Hackulo.us
  9. Scroll and then click on INSTALLOUS, INSTALL, and then CONFRIM
  10. Do the same for miPatch Firmware 2.2.1
  11. goto the app store and download an app….. any app, a free app (THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT!)
  12. after downloading app.. go ahead and search your springboard for the new INSTALLOUS icon.. click it
  13. If you need help from here, let me know.. but you should be able to figure it out

You should have no problem syncing…

I should give credit to hackulo.us forums, where I originally found out how to do this….

Here is a tip:  search for top iphone apps in google..it will give u a good idea of which ones to download..

happy downloading!


Kanye West Makes Himself Look Great At VMAs

September 15, 2009

Yeah, That I am sure he didn’t.. I can’t figure out why on earth anyone would do that.. not the time or place…

At first I had seen the feed on facebook, and thought Kanye was just being Kanye.. but this was stupid..  His apology I guess was good enough for me.  It’s not my place to judge him when it all comes down to it, and she can afford the therapy she may need when it’s all said and done…

So without further ado.. here is my quick photoshop of the situation:

Racism - Now available in all flavors and colors

Racism - Now available in all flavors and colors

That’s it for today!  Spread it around!


Today’s Forecast: Partly Bloggy with a chance of no writing?

May 14, 2009

Gotcha.. Just a quick one though. I really am a tree huger in disguise. I am trying my hardest to be the most planet friendly individual I can be… at the same time trying to get other people involved is pretty easy. Going GREEN is a huge trend right now that everyone is following.

Offset your carbon footprint at Brighter Planet, Inc. They have a page that helps you figure out how BIG your Carbon Footprint is, cool credits you can buy to offset them (think: good gifts for treehuggers like me), along with some other good information on the site. Check it out if you have a minute or two two kill. I have a Carbon Footprint of 21 tons of CO2 / year… time to get that number down!


Green web hosting? Powered by wind and solar power!

May 13, 2009

I am in the process of looking for a web host for some side projects I am working on right now, and I ran across ThinkHost.  Solar and Wind powered — WOW!  I think this is awesome…  has anyone else heard about them?  All web hosting to me is pretty much the same.  They say 99.9% up-time, unlimited everything.  It’s a little hard to determine what makes them different, except these guys!  And they plant a tree… I’m going to do some more investigating, but this stuff really sounds interesting!

Check these guys out if you are getting a website.  Or shoot me an email if you need help setting one up!!  I’m always taking on new projects for people (paid and volunteer)  6studiozero@gmail.com

Go Green!!!!