Carpe Diem!

May 11, 2009

Ray Higdon, a Florida Internet Marketing friend of mine (http://rayhigdon.com) recently posted something that caught my eye in a recent blog post of his.  Ray talks about people that say they are going to do something… and when they do, they will be happy.  Isn’t that always the case?  Everyone is trying to win the lotto, quit smoking, and exercise more.

Recently I really did start exercising more.  I’ve been saying it now that I needed to start since this winter.  There was always something in the way, the weather, too much to do, not enough time, etc.  I had more excuses than the amount of new chins I was growing…  Until one day I decided to quit talking about it and take action.  That was almost 4 weeks ago now!

I put on a speedo as a joke while I was down in Florida.  When that picture ended up on Facebook — I was done.  I saw myself in a whole new light.  Not only did I need to get in shape, but I needed to tan(and not to mention, NOT wear a speedo).

It started with a run…  I didn’t have a goal.  I just ran.  It was time.  From then on I have really been moving forward with it.  I didn’t wait for other people to join me, I just started.  You know what?  They followed.  It started with running, then basketball twice a week.  But food was still so hard to say no to!

I really cut down on overeating.  I cook some awesome food, as do some of the people that I eat dinner with, and we really cook out!  I stopped taking seconds and thirds, just because it tasted so good.  That was when I really started to see a difference.  4 weeks ago I was at 197 pounds.  Currently I am at 180 pounds.

I have some more excuses I’m dealing with right now…  Push-ups and sit-ups.  Maybe once I’m done being sore in my mind and get tired of the excuses, I’ll start.  LOL…..



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  1. I think you look great and if you didn’t have a fiance I would, so date you!

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