The Difference is?

May 12, 2009

Browsing through facebook this morning, I noticed someone asking what the difference between white and brown eggs are…  I do remember it being on a commercial.  However, the first commercial that comes to mind is that amazing boy that moved all those cups around so fast.  Luke Myers moves those cups like it is no ones business!  I am just completely amazed that childern are moving that fast and are so into things.

Played Rock Band before?  I’m sure you’ve been beaten by a 12 year old online, or even in person (maybe even the first time you played it)…  What about a 4 year old playing the drums on expert.  This 4 year old almost gets 5 stars on expert — Something I struggle to do on medium.

Chun Hoo Ulf Wong solves a Rubiks Cube in 37 seconds… He’s 6 years old!  Have you ever done that?  I had my Rubiks Cube for about 4 months before it was destroyed by friends moving the stickers around.  I managed to ONLY get two sides.  I could have went online and figured out how to beat it, but I never did.  I could have memorized the tricks to this.  Could I solve the rubiks cube in 37 seconds? I have no idea.

I don’t always take the time like I used to…  Getting caught up in the moment of something little.  Take some time to smell the roses today, or maybe try something new.  It doesn’t hurt to feel like a kid again.  I’m not going to set a goal of 37 seconds on the solving a rubiks cube, but I’ll pick one back up!

Oh yeah..  the difference…  They are just eggs, color doesn’t make a difference.  You already knew that though!  I googled it this morning and found all answers to go along with each other pretty well.  At one time it could have been better eggs — then the commercial farmers caught on and started charging more for the same eggs…  Or this one:  http://ask.yahoo.com/20000523.html – that may help to explain from a few different sources.



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