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Kanye West Makes Himself Look Great At VMAs

September 15, 2009

Yeah, That I am sure he didn’t.. I can’t figure out why on earth anyone would do that.. not the time or place…

At first I had seen the feed on facebook, and thought Kanye was just being Kanye.. but this was stupid..  His apology I guess was good enough for me.  It’s not my place to judge him when it all comes down to it, and she can afford the therapy she may need when it’s all said and done…

So without further ado.. here is my quick photoshop of the situation:

Racism - Now available in all flavors and colors

Racism - Now available in all flavors and colors

That’s it for today!  Spread it around!


The Difference is?

May 12, 2009

Browsing through facebook this morning, I noticed someone asking what the difference between white and brown eggs are…  I do remember it being on a commercial.  However, the first commercial that comes to mind is that amazing boy that moved all those cups around so fast.  Luke Myers moves those cups like it is no ones business!  I am just completely amazed that childern are moving that fast and are so into things.

Played Rock Band before?  I’m sure you’ve been beaten by a 12 year old online, or even in person (maybe even the first time you played it)…  What about a 4 year old playing the drums on expert.  This 4 year old almost gets 5 stars on expert — Something I struggle to do on medium.

Chun Hoo Ulf Wong solves a Rubiks Cube in 37 seconds… He’s 6 years old!  Have you ever done that?  I had my Rubiks Cube for about 4 months before it was destroyed by friends moving the stickers around.  I managed to ONLY get two sides.  I could have went online and figured out how to beat it, but I never did.  I could have memorized the tricks to this.  Could I solve the rubiks cube in 37 seconds? I have no idea.

I don’t always take the time like I used to…  Getting caught up in the moment of something little.  Take some time to smell the roses today, or maybe try something new.  It doesn’t hurt to feel like a kid again.  I’m not going to set a goal of 37 seconds on the solving a rubiks cube, but I’ll pick one back up!

Oh yeah..  the difference…  They are just eggs, color doesn’t make a difference.  You already knew that though!  I googled it this morning and found all answers to go along with each other pretty well.  At one time it could have been better eggs — then the commercial farmers caught on and started charging more for the same eggs…  Or this one: – that may help to explain from a few different sources.